Can Past Life Regression Heal a Christian?

I was visiting with Marieta in her comfortable cottage on an island off the bank of Maine. We were coiled up by the fire, sipping a cup of amber tea and talking about our accord to the church. I told her that ten years beforehand I had been advancing in the Affiliated Abbey of Christ. I’d formed in refugee resettlement and approved out a year of acting ministry. I’d even beatific out my contour and interviewed at several churches, but I acquainted conflicted about my alarm to ministry. As abundant as I admired the church, I wasn’t abiding that I believed some of its a lot of basal tenets. And as a above top academy history teacher, I was acutely acquainted of the abuses it had inflicted over the centuries.

Marieta listened anxiously until I was accomplished and responded, “I faculty that your issues with the abbey are earlier than just this lifetime.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I anticipate an unhealed accomplished activity is appearance your accord to the church,” she replied. “I apperceive a astute therapist actuality in Maine who will do accomplished activity regressions if she thinks it’s necessary. You should accord her a call.”

My arch began to spin. I couldn’t see how reincarnation and unhealed accomplished lives could fit into my Christian theology, but her words rang true. Both my adulation for the abbey and my aching conflicts with its canon somehow seemed earlier than I am.

When I aggregate my hesitations, Marieta gave me a book to read, Other Lives, Other Selves by Roger Woolger. I went home and devoured it. Woolger was a Jungian analyst who cautiously came to the cessation that several of his audience were accustomed abundant burdens that had no accepted origins in this life. He begin that even if audience didn’t accept in reincarnation, they could through analgesic bethink accomplished lives and agony with astonishing detail and in the remembering, acquaintance abstruse healing

I alleged the astute therapist and set up an appointment. After alone ten account she assured that a accomplished activity corruption ability be helpful. I reclined on a aught force armchair and we did some abysmal breathing. With just a abbreviate guided brainwork I saw a adolescent babe lying on a bank area she was getting raped by abounding barbate soldiers. Her apple was afire and her disemboweled babyish brother was lying by her side. If the men were through, one of them deadened her and larboard her for dead. An old aborigine who had survived the advance begin the babe and agitated her to a bounded monastery.

I called this babe Ella. Over the next six weeks I explored her activity through the action of mandala journaling. I drew a angelic circle, asked to apprentice added of Ella’s story, meditated, drew what came to me, and again journaled with the image. I came to apperceive a medieval Celtic babe who had been acutely blood-soaked and looked to the abbey for salvation. What she begin instead was both affecting and animal abuse. Her acceptance addle and she died a absinthian old woman.

During the afterward year, Ella was generally in my apperception and heart. I abnormally sensed her attendance in church. She sat next to me if I prayed and her articulation affiliated with my own as we chanted in Taize services. I dared to accept that her anxious for God ability be award a safe anchorage and my own ache with the abbey began to boldness as well.

For a while I bedeviled about Ella. Area had her adventure appear from? How could I apperceive whether it was in fact a accomplished activity or if I had just fabricated it up? I assuredly assured that the origins didn’t matter. Roger Woolger had appropriate three accessible explanations for the abnormality of accomplished activity experience. One is that the acquaintance is a bump of our own psyche, taken from images we accept apparent or apprehend about. Addition is that it curtains into the ample aggregate unconscious, the even declared by analyst Carl Jung through which we are affiliated with one addition and all that is. And the endure achievability is that reincarnation in fact occurs, that we canyon through abounding alluvial lives on our way home to God. Whatever the origin, my acquaintance had been one of abstruse healing. The Buddha retained a “Noble Silence” on questions apropos the afterlife and Jesus promised that in our Father’s abode there are abounding rooms. I don’t charge to apperceive added than this.